The list below are tips to ensure the maximum benefit and outcome of your photo shoot. 

⦁ Clear countertops of food, dish racks, & cutting boards
⦁ Remove all soaps, dish towels & magnets off refrigerator
⦁ Put away garbage cans, brooms/mops & cleaners

⦁ Clear countertops of soaps, razors, toothbrushes & plugs
⦁ Remove soaps, shampoos or cleaners from shower/tub
⦁ Put away garbage cans, scales, any rugs/mats and laundry baskets
⦁ Close toilet lids, remove toilet brush and cleaners

⦁ Clear away clothes, shoes and laundry baskets
⦁ Remove books & tissue boxes from bedside tables
⦁ Remove fans, heaters and trash cans
⦁ Make the bed, tidy desks and remove excess personal items

General Interior:
⦁ Remove any small rugs or mats
⦁ Dust surfaces, vacuum or mop floors
⦁ Turn off ceiling fans
⦁ Straighten tables & chairs
⦁ Remove personal & excess items

General Extorior:
⦁ Remove vehicles from driveway & front of house
⦁ Move trash cans so they are not visible from street
⦁ Put away garden hoses, tools & toys/bikes

⦁ Have a plan to contain or take away from home during the shoot
⦁ Remove water/food bowls, crates, beds & toys
⦁ Move liter box to an area not going to be photographed


Before & after photos to the right, show benefits

of using the home prep list. 


"less is more"


"selling the home not the decorations"


"try not to hide what we are trying to sell"


"flowers and decorations look good when home 

  is shown, but not in photos"